Ways to know you’re a nerd!

So this blog is nerdsbookshelf exclusive because I have got a great deal of expertise in being a full time nerd since my birth.

Being a nerd is looked down upon in our society these days but, did you know that nerds are the ones who have strange and innovative ideas at any given point in time?

As all the things have to be balanced in the universe thanks to thanos, even being a nerd has its pros and cons.

So starting of 🙂

I’d like to share a quote from the book Game of Thrones

Wear your flaws as a badge of honour, thereafter they can never be used to hurt you –Tyrion Lannister( the imp)

So by this quote we can understand that wear your nerdism as a badge of honour. Be positive and use your nerd powers for good cause.

Let’s see my 5 go to ways to know that you’re transforming into a nerd.

1) Nerds observe a lot

The most key feature of a nerd is to observe a lot. This is a constant reason why people think we are creeps. But actually we observe each and every instance and try to know and understand why things actually happen how they happen. We see things in a very different way than how the world sees which leads us to the true fabric of nature. We talk less and observe more.

2)Varied range of hobbies

Nerds tend to do a lot of activities other than studying or working like rewding, blogging,youtubing,watching TV shows and movies. But you might be wondering that even non nerd people do the same things right! There is a catch to it, nerds go to the extreme of these activities such as they watch the same movie a number of times to know the movie better, read each and every line of a book with actually picturizing it in mind and once you don’t understand a phrase, you can’t get peaceful sleep at night because of it.

3) Explore a hell lot!

Apart from performing known activities , they try to learn the unknown. But usually fail because nerds are not that good at social skills.But they really do excel in exploring stuff related to science, science fiction,etc cause they can easily relate things logically in their minds like no other can. During this process, they stumble upon new ideas innovate new stuff.

4) Use science references a lot

Have you ever had a golden opportunity to bounce into a nerd at a party or an event? If yes ,then you should know their way of speaking.The type of phrases and words they use is not used by any other individual. When they talk, they use such high vocabulary that it intimidates the listener. They make you realise that English can be taken to another level. Also they use a lot of movie,science,fictious and book references in their speech which brings a depth to what they want to convey. The listener gets a true essence of what they want to tell. In this process, they help the listener think a bit by letting them visualize the speech in their minds.

5) It’s not easy

Being a nerd can be hard but it is a different way of leading a life . If you are a nerd and people don’t like your company then it is probable that they wouldn’t even if you were a non nerd, the fault is in them and not you. A person doesn’t become a nerd overnight but it takes time and constant practice of thinking differently. Once inculcated,nerdism doesn’t leave you . You’ll be innovative for the rest of your life.

So if you have all the qualities above then congratulations, you are a NERD :] and welcome to the club🤖🤖

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Life of a high school student…

Firstly I would like to say that the content in this blog post is entirely based on my perception of modern school education system and I’m really not sorry if it offends any person’s interests or emotions.So, let’s begin the journey.Also this blog is going to be large cause I had to cover everything.

I would love it if you all could spend some time off your important lives and listen to this song called

Mad world– by Peter Hollens

Starting off, when you are an Indian student , you are expected to study all the time and Excel in the future. In our schools, we have only one physical exercise period per week. Teachers expect us to play after school in our locality but, they also give us tonnes of homework to do for the next day and if we don’t complete the work , they punish us as well. Well, we students try to follow these conditions as far as we can until another restriction arises in our grade 11. During this time we are expected to choose between three groups of studies namely science,commerce and humanities. In india, most of the students are pushed into the science group consisting of physics,chemistry, biology and math cause people believe that if a student opts for these subjects, he/she was will have better jobs and happy life.

Most of the students taking science actually do not want to pursue science. They are just being used like puppets in a circus . If a student likes subjects like sociology, economics, literature,etc then the society warns them about a bad future, no job opportunities,etc and shifts the child’s focus towards studying science. Due to this children are struggling studying things what they don’t have interest in. Actually, life doesn’t depend on what subject you are to tkae, it depends on what subject do you like. There are quite a number of examples where people have become successful by not opting what they were forced to. Also, even the society doesn’t accept students studying subjects other than science, people discriminate students purely on the basis of not opting math in their 11th grade. The society always tries to remind you that if you don’t take science, your life will be miserable and heart breaking. I think I might be boring you but this is the reality.

I would also like to talk about the culture of learning words and not concepts. Our education system emphasizes on making children know things and not learn things. Giving the same books to 50 students in a class, where each student has his/her weak and strong points in each subjects but are all assessed in the same way that are ,EXAMS!. Now the student whose concept in trigonometry is strong and weak in geometry excels because the exam paper is tested in such a way that it emphasizes more on trigonometry and less on geometry. And vice versa happens with other students.

This period or age in a student’s life justifies who they become in the future.It is the time where they should know about the world, have a social life other than phones. They should be free to do part time jobs which help them develop as an individual. In India , there is no concept of part time jobs at high school age, even if you try to do, people judge you and tell that you are wasting your time, you are fit for nothing, in cultured and spoiling your families name,etc.

Now that you have taken science with and without pure interest, we are expected to study day and night for the next two years and break our heads at coaching centers. There are these institutions (high schools) in India that are only meant for science courses where you have 50 to 80 students per class and have weekly exams. If a child doesn’t perform well in one exam, he/she will be demoted to the last batch where all the weak(in learning) students are placed into. This all the more crushes their self confidence. There are two main exams for science students called JEE( for engineering) and NEET( for medicine). Students break their heads studying for these exams for two years. Now, after you’ve taken these exams, not all people qualify. So the students who didn’t are criticised so terribly that they go to an extent of committing suicides.

Well I believe that studying at a prestigious institution matters but it isn’t everything.

It depends upon the person. If he/she works on what they really really like then no one can stop them.

Also in India, if you don’t qualify in these exams then you are criticised all your life at every stage. The society tries to remind you that you ain’t worth it.


Studying at a prestigious institution doesn’t guarantee your success ,in the same way studying in a normal institution doesn’t guarantee your failure in life.

I would also like to talk about other disciplines that are horribly undermined by people. Let’s take my case only, I am a part time photographer and I’ve covered many events till date. But when it comes to accepting it as a career, people start throwing dirt at me , talking behind my back about how spoiled and irresponsible I am. Not only photography other forms of hobbies such as music, dance,etc. Are entertained until they are considered as hobbies and not as a profession. People enjoy watching TV shows based on music and dance and also sports and reading magazines and newspapers consisting of pieces of photography but when it comes to reality, they are damn against it and call out people practising such art forms as un cultured and un conventional.

So this was my story about my life right now. I hope you all could understand what I wanted to convey. Also blogging is considered a damn waste of time in India and bloggers are called jobless people.I want to change it. I can’t without your support so if you all liked this post please like,share and follow my blog to give me motivation and encouragement to write blogs in future as well. Also feel free to comment down below suggestions for my next blog. Until then byee :]

Game of thrones prequel AKA the Age of Heroes?


Not long ago, HBO announced that it had greenlit a Game of Thrones prequel series set during the ‘Age of Heroes’, a long forgotten era of Westerosi history full of larger-than-life figures who have passed into legend by the time the main show gets started. The announcement sent a wave of excitement through the internet, as many things involving the words “game,” “of” and “thrones” tend to do. Now let’s talk about what we know till date about the continuation of this awesome series:
During the “Age of Heroes”, we get to know about all the short tales quoted by various characters of the GOT as the series proceeded. As a result of this, we get a deeper understanding of why things happen the way they are depicted in the GOT books and series. For instance we get a clarity about the reason for building the wall,etc.
In this series, it is most likely that the ancient gods and demi-gods who are being followed by the present day people in GOT will appear and build the foundations of what we now know as westeros. Talking in specific, it is highly probable that we get to know the origins of the children of the forest, white walkers, etc.574265dadd08953f7a8b4611-750-424
Now talking about mortal men, we get a clear picture of how large dynasties were set into place, how small families became huge houses and how the seven kingdoms were basically formed. During this time we are expecting the show to tell us the main events occurring that are:
-The Long Night (the most important event of all)landscape-1504276248-night-king
-The Night’s King period(13th lord commander of the night’s watch)
-The battle between the first men and the children of the forest .Including the pact or peace treaty at the Isle of faces.
-The battle between the first men and the andals .Also the formation of new kingdoms.
-The doom of Valyria
-Founding of Braavos
-The establishment of the Targaryen dynasty. Eyeballing all the events quoted or talked about in the GOT series that have occurred during this period.
-The Dance of the Dragons
-The Blackfyre Rebellion
-The battle of the trident
We also get to know how each great house was started whether it be House Stark and it’s founder Brandon the builder or the House Lannister being founded by a witty man known as Lan the Clever ,etc. The show tells us in what way House rose to power, how different levels or hierarchy were placed and a lot.
The show itself is speculated to premier in the year 2019 or 2020 proceeding after the end of the HBO series “Game of thrones.”
We have purposefully restricted the amount of information above so that not a lot can be spoiled which helps us preserve the essence of excitement present in every GOT fan before any season is released.
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Harry Potter:A Modern Legend (2.0)

Even though my final exams are around the corner,they weren’t enough to crash my enthusiasm for writing blogs.So let’s get to the main point,today I am going to review the second book of J.K.ROWLING’S Hp series…

THAT IS- “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”


This book being the second installment of Rowling,brought a beautiful shape to entire series.This book gave us the hints of every little details that become main plot points in the later books.It felt like the book was complete but,it also felt like there is more to it which indeed proved as a plus point for us(potterheads) and resulted in boosting our enthusiasm and curiosity to read the later books.

The book not only brings us readers fantasy and drama but also a lot of humor,like Jk wrote the book in such a way that it was meant to tell us how Harry would understand the world and his perception.Also harry being an adolescent has high emotions of humor,anger and curiosity.In many incidents of the book,the plot was humorous reflecting Harry’s mind-set.

The plot gets even darker than the plot in the first book,like the dark stuff has stepped up a notch which is absolutely brilliant because as Harry grows,he gets to know more about the world and threats that it bears.

Let me talk about my views about this book when I first read it and also I’ll be talking about how my time period of reading it was…

I read this book when I was a child and the reading experience was quite rough and wobbly . I couldn’t properly finish the book when I issued it first from my school’s library as I had to return the book within one wee’s time and I had a hard time reading it at home because I had a very busy schedule including sports and homework.So whenever I reissued the book,I often forgot the previous chapters and their plots and couldn’t quite understand the later chapters.So one day when I went to the library I stole the book by stuffing it inside my shirt( and I also intended to return it later).I issued a “Geronimo Stilton” book because if I didn’t,the librarian would suspect me as I used to issue at least one book whenever I went library(#bookworm)…

I kept the book with me for months and for heaven’s sake, I could finish it.Then one day I went to the library and kept the book back in it’s place :D…


The plot itself starts with Harry being mistreated in his stay back at the Dursley’s during his summer break.Then a mysterious creature called “Dobby”(elf) visits Harry to warn that something bad is going to happen at Hogwarts this year and he tells Harry that he mustn’t go back to Hogwarts this year.The elf also hides all the letters that his best friends sent him during the holidays because Dobby thinks if Harry thinks that he has no friends at his school then he’ll stay at home.Harry ignores the warning.

Then Ron comes to rescue Harry from his relatives and later they arrive at the burrows.The Weasleys and Harry visit Diagon Alley to buy their next term books,here Lucius Malfoy(father of Harry’s school mate Draco Malfoy) tosses a strange book into Ginny Weasley’s(Ron’s younger sister) couldron without anyone’s notice.

Then at platform 9 3/4 where all of them had to board the Hogwarts express at King’s cross station,Harry and Ron aren’t able to cross the barrier and are left behind.Ron suggests Harry that they should use their father’s biwitched flying car(this was the most funniest part in the book) and they go to Hogwarts.

Then later we get know that the trio had hard time completing their homeworks and studying the subjects.The best part was Quidditch and in a Quidditch match Harry manages to catch the snich but breaks his arm while doing so.In the hospital wing,Dobby visits Harry and he gets to know that Dobby was the one who barred them from boarding the train and controlling the bludger and intentionally broke Harry’s arm so that he would go back to his house.

Things to Hogwarts turn horrible as Harry hears strange voice running all in and around the castle and many students including Hermoine get petrified(freeze off).Everyone gets to know that the heir of Salazar Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts and has re-opened the Chamber of Secrets that Salazar had himself built when he flied off from Hogwarts and only his Heir could open it.The legends told the chamber houses a giant monster who was petrifying the students.Later Hagrid is taken to Askaban(wizard jail) because he was suspected to open the chamber before fifty years ago and was also suspected to open it this time.Later thanks to Hermione,Harry gets to know that the monster was a giant Basilisk(a snake that could live for hundreds of years and could kill people just by its glancing at them) and it was using the piping to move around the school.Then a scary message is written on the wall stating that Ginny Weasley has been taken into the chamber and her skeleton will lie there forever.

Harry and Ron get to know the entrance to chamber was in a discarded girls washroom that was usually haunted by a girl called “Moaning Myrtle” who was killed fifty years ago when the chamber was opened for the first time.

At the finale,Harry,Ron and Gilderoy Lockhart(Harry’s professor) visit the chamber where Ron is trapped behind fallen rocks that formed a wall thanks to Gilderoy Lockhart whose memory vanishing charm backfires as he had used Ron’s broken wand.

Later Harry gets to the chamber and finds Ginny who was unconscious and was clutching the same strange book that Mr.Malfoy had put into her couldron. Then Harry finds Tom Riddle(The one whose diary Ginny used and even Harry used after Ginny tried to flush it in Myrtle’s bathroom.)

This is the best part in the whole book.Harry gets to know that Tom Marvolo Riddle was none other than Lord Voldemort and his memory(later known to be his soul) was taking power from Ginny to return back into physical form.

Tom said-“Voldemort is my past,present and future.”

Tom seizes Harry’s wand and unleashes the Basilisk and commands it to kill Harry to fulfill his unfinished business 11 years ago.Then Fawks( A creature called Phoenix and Dumbledore’s pet) comes and blinds the snake.Then the hat that the bird brought presents the sword of Godric Gryffindor and Harry manages to kill the Basilisk with it.

Then Harry uses the snake’s fang which bit him to destroy Tom Riddle diary by poking the diary several times and killing Voldemort’s memory.Ginny wakes up finding Harry bleeding due to the bite,then Fawks drops its tears onto the wound and heals it.They all including Ron and Lockhart are taken out of the chamber by the bird.

Later thanks to Dumbledore,Harry gets to know that when Harry got that scar,Voldemort transferred some of his powers into Harry.That was the reason why Harry could talk to and hear snakes.

At the end of the year and the book,all the petrified students are unpetrified,Hagrid returns back and as a school treat Dumbledore cancels all exams making Hermione sad.

Harry gets back to London and returns to the Dursleys to spend his summer break over there.


I personally loved reading this book but I hate to admit that this isn’t the best book in the series(according to me – no offence intended) because there were more better plots in the other parts than in this one.The book tells us new aspect of JK’s writing that is “suspense.”The book brought us fans even deeper meanings and plot which made us wonder how vast was Harry Potter universe

I give this book(as a first time reader obviously)-





Harry Potter:A Modern Legend (1.0)

I had already told in my last blog post that I am going to review each and every Hp book. In this post I’m going to kick off the review (partly book narration) with the very first book.

That is- “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”…


This book is the very first installment of J.K.ROWLING to the Hp franchise.I have to be honest and I am, I like this but I don’t like reading it anymore as now after these many years of reading other parts, somehow I feel that there is lack of depth in this book.Although I can’t argue about it because the books are written according to Harry’s mindset and perception and in the first book he is kinda new to the wizarding world where even small things fascinated Harry. No offence intended…

I am gonna write the review reflecting my mind-set when I first read this book(not after when i became a true potterhead #proudofmyself)

When I read the book for the very first time,I was about the age of Harry maybe older but still I had the childishness. I found the book rather fascinating and it was like JK was introducing us to the wizarding world in the same way as our parents introduce us to new things where they patiently explain everything to us even at the cost of their precious time.

I had read it for the first time in my school’s library and couldn’t quite complete it because I had to return it after a week to the library.The time I spent with the book was absolutely amazing and couldn’t shut the book and I went on reading.My mom being an understanding woman let me read the book day and night(cause I was a slow reader).She let me do so because in lower classes marks don’t matter too much in studies.So as I was saying,the book was so irresistible that after I gave the book back I downloaded the pdf file of the book in mom’s phone and went on reading it.


The plot itself consists of Harry who was mistreated and under nourished by his aunt,uncle and that pig faced Dudley(Harry’s cousin).He never knew why they despised him and his dead parents so much and he only knew that his parents died in a car crash which left harry with a lightning bolt scar(which by the way was just awesome like the imagination of JK is outstanding).Then he receives a letter from “Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.” Initially his uncle and aunt don’t allow him to read the letter and various kinds of owls keep on delivering the letters everyday.After all the big tantrums which result in Harry not reading the letter, a half-giant called Rubeus Hagrid himself comes and delivers the letter and tells Harry that he is a wizard and so are his parents.

After this, the book starts to get a hint of magic as Hagrid helps Harry buy all the weird things for magic in a street full of magic stores called “Diagon Alley” and goes to the wizarding bank called “Gringotts” where Harry gets to know that he was rich and we fans get a taste of the Philosopher’s stone itself.Also,later thanks to Hagrid, Harry gets to know how his parents died.They had died protecting Harry from an evil wizard called “Voldemort” or commonly known as “You-know-who”.Hagrid explains that Harry destroyed Voldemort,no one was quite sure how as Harry was only a year old when the incident took place.

After that he boards the “Hogwarts Express”.While en route to the school,he meets Ronald Weasely and Hermione Granger who later on become his best friends through the book and other parts. After arriving at Hogwarts, the trio gets chosen into “House Gryffindor”(those having chivalry,bravery and strength).

The next part of the book mostly deals with introduction of his teachers, Harry’s hectic homeworks and also Quidditch (a wizarding sport played on flying broomsticks). One of the best moments of the book.

Then after that the book gets darker as we fans get to know some strange things are happening at Hogwarts.

At the finale of the book,the trio gets to know that someone is trying to steal the Philosopher’s stone and takes the initiative of protecting it with bravery and talent.

In the ending,Harry gets to know that Voldemort was the one who was stealing the power to get a absolute physical body as his soul was taking refuge in one of Harry’s professors.Voldemort commands the professor to kill Harry but he turns into ashes when Harry’s hands touch his body resulting in his death.Voldemort’s soul flees away when the professor dies.

Later,Albus Dumbledore(headmaster) explains Harry that it was his mother’s love that protected Harry from evil .The love that was lying in his own skin.

Then at the end of the year at Hogwarts and the book,Gryffindor wins the house cup(that was one of the best moments in the book) and Harry gets back to his dirty relatives for summer break…


I personally like this book for it’s creativity and drama.Each and every character is shown to be more than just a character but having varied feelings and expressions which deepened the meaning of the book and also made it lively.

Although I never got to own the collection until few months back where I bought the set of books.I always longed for the original hardcover edition but I understood that it was impossible to find and buy and I realised that we have to be happy with what we have or atleast what we can get.I bought the new book collection (picture shown above) and understood that no matter which publication or edition we buy,the content in the books doesn’t change.

I personally give this book(as a first time reader obviously)-





My very first blog…

Always”-Severus Snape aka The Half Blood Prince

Hey guys this is my first blog and thought of kicking it off with #Hp .

Harry Potter has played a huge part in my life and I personally grew up reading the books and watching the movie franchise.The next seven to eight blog posts of mine will be a throwback to all the parts of Harry Potter and bits of my life.

I am an ordinary Indian school student who is just fascinated about everything.

By the way, I am typing this Blog knowing I have a social exam tomorrow.

Please do comment and follow my page and also suggest some new things to post.